You’ve come to the right place for Apparel-Clothing Fulfillment Services. Allpack was born from the fashion and apparel industry. A family owned textile finishing plant that built a packaging and shipping foundation for over 45 years.  Our knowledge and experience with fashion and apparel gives us a distinct advantage over other fashion and apparel fulfillment companies.

We have a full time staff of 40 packagers that can handle all of your garment packaging and re-packaging needs and specialize in the following areas:

  • Storing and Shipping Garments (Pick-Pack or Bulk).
  • Orders Shipped in ONE business day
  • Labeling
  • Folding & Bagging
  • Pre-Ticketing
  • FBA prep
  • Swiftach(ing)
  • Kitting
  • Display Assembly & Pack Out

Product returns are not a problem – we provide an easy step by step process. Our staff can handle all of your returns and re-packaging needs. Our owners have been in the textile apparel clothing industry for many years while being involved in all facets of manufacturing and packaging and have shipped to nearly all major department stores in the country. We are also experienced in EDI… We can take your merchandise and prepare EDI shipments for your national retail accounts while adhering to their strict vendor compliance guidelines.  We also understand the need for returns in the fashion and apparel industry.  Allow us to take your returns and convert them back into viable inventory.

Bottom Line, Allpack knows how to get it right and what your needs are. Small or large, we will treat your products like our own.

If you have questions, please call us at (919) 529-2468 and ask to speak to a Fulfillment Specialist OR

Fill out the Contact Form On the Right >>>>> and we will have our Fulfillment Specialist Call You Directly.