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How to Choose an Online Order Fulfillment Services Company?

How to Choose an Online Order Fulfillment Services Company?

Do you need fulfillment services? Choosing the ideal order fulfillment or product fulfillment company that will work with your business is usually a trial and error process that can cost you time, effort and money. It could be difficult to determine which fulfillment company could handle your project volume, will deliver on time and would work with the budget you have in mind. This is why online order fulfillment companies like Allpack Fulfillment are getting to be more popular than simply taking orders and shipping from an actual office.

With an online order, you can gauge the company’s expertise in line with the project you have, their available fulfillment solutions, their ability to handle small or large orders and of course get a competitive quote early on to gauge if the company is willing to work within your budget. But not just any online order fulfillment company will do; you’ll need to find a company that will meet the following criteria:

  1. Can the company handle large volume orders? You can easily find this out as you check out the size of the facility, the warehousing and distribution capacity as well as the number of employees they have. Their years in the business and size of companies that they have handled before may also give you a clue if they can handle your fulfillment volume.
  2. Where is the company located? Proximity to your location is one factor so you can reduce the cost of delivery or shipment. If you plan to ship your order then the company’s distance from an airport or interstate highway would be a shipping advantage.
  3. How will you communicate with the company? You have to pick a company with an official site, actual business office, business phone number, email address and customer care hotline so you can ask for the development of your project and to track your deliveries and online orders in real time.
  4. When do you expect results? Of course you need to provide ample time to complete your project however; each company has its own rules and turnaround time. Time is money so you need to choose the one that will prioritize your business needs.
  5. How much? Rates for services vary according to so many terms and conditions. So it’s best to contract with an online order fulfillment company and ask for a free consultation and price quote. Get two to three companies and compare which one will fulfill orders timely and provide savings without compensating the quality of service.


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